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Optimize your paid search engine optimization with keyword, display advertising and social network visibility strategies.

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Another way to increase your position on search engines in addition to SEO is paid referencing. Acquisition campaigns allow you to increase your visibility on search engines, through the purchase of advertising space, or keyword budgeting (PPC).

Paid referencing is not a secondary or less important strategy, quite the contrary. Paid referencing accounts for nearly half of all online advertising, with a global turnover of $98 billion for Google alone in 2019 (source: Alphabet Inc.).

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Like organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine optimization is also one of the main strategies in web marketing, which is itself search engine oriented. Both SEO and SEA strategies, used together, are extremely effective for the visibility of your website.

Paid SEO is commonly used for positioning purposes, while natural SEO is used to increase internal website conversions. This is why we advise for almost every situation, solutions in both SEO and paid search engine optimization.

Benefits to Web Campaigns

  • Online and in-store visits

  • Conversions

  • Visibility on social networks

  • Return on investment


The PPC (Pay Per Click), corresponds to the budgeting of keywords. The PPC strategy will allow you to budget these keywords, previously defined and referring to your activity as well as website conversion objectives. The objective is to increase exponentially the link between these words and your positioning on the search engine.

The more keywords you budget for, the more your website will increase its conversions and visibility.

The PPC works in principle on a bidding basis, hence the need to carry out a real study of the keywords to be budgeted for beforehand and to constantly monitor the traffic generated by keyword purchases in order to keep the performance of your campaigns optimal and constant.

We therefore carry out preliminary steps prior to any ATS action in order to prepare an effective pay-per-click SEO strategy. This preliminary study allows us to select the most relevant keywords, and also the most effective for your SEO:

  1. Creation and configuration of your AdWords account
  2. Analysis of keywords to budget
  3. Allocation of budget to campaigns
  4. Tests to check the relevance of budgeted keywords

Display Campaigns

The display (from the English “display”), refers to advertising on the Internet with the purchase of space and insertion of graphic or visual elements declined in several formats.

There are two types of clients wishing to use the display: those who wish to buy advertising space in order to broadcast an advertisement in exchange for a gain in traffic (advertisers), and those who wish to sell advertising space and thus display an advertisement on their site in exchange for revenue (publishers).

The aim is to encourage the user to click on the advertisement in order to be redirected to the advertiser’s site and to carry out the desired action. This is why the campaigns must absolutely correspond to the objectives of your website, whether they come from publishers or advertisers, so that the traffic generated is of quality. For publishers, this means more revenue and for advertisers, it means precise targeting.

Interactions between PPC and display campaigns

The processes of paid search engine optimization strategies, i.e. poster campaigns and PPC, are closely interlinked. Even if it is technically possible to process these two types of campaigns separately, they are very often combined within the same strategy, because the process for carrying them out is not only similar, but also complementary. The budgeting of keywords helps the effectiveness of display campaigns, and the elaboration of the message contained in display campaigns refers to the same strategy as for defining keywords.

Social network campaigns

Media campaigns, although they are also paying, and impacting your web traffic, are not really considered as an SE strategy, as they are not directly linked to search engines.

The objective is to promote your business through social networks. It will be directly the community revolving around your brand that will be affected. It is a question of giving your campaigns a maximum of visibility on social networks as well as to allow thereafter to gain as many new faithful customers as possible.

The campaigns on social networks allow you to gather around your brand a core of loyal customers who become your ambassadors.  It is important to stimulate your media campaigns with regular posts.

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Increase your Amazon sales

DigiWeb Solutions proposes for e-commerce to specialize their PPC campaigns on the Amazon online platform.  Many e-commerce companies, in addition to their own online stores, are positioned on Amazon, in order to increase their sales, but also to gain visibility and reputation.

Our agency therefore offers to design specialized campaigns to promote your products, specifically oriented on the Amazon platform, the budgeting of your keywords, as well as the optimization of your bids.

The campaigns on social networks allow you to gather around your brand a core of loyal customers who become your ambassadors.  It is important to stimulate your media campaigns with regular postings.

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